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Friday, October 10, 2003

the incredible shrinking woman  
There are mirrored closet doors in our bedroom facing my side of the bed, so when I crawl out of bed I come face to face with my own image. This morning I looked smaller. I got out the measuring tape to cross check my eyes. It's no illusion, I'm an inch thinner all over. I must've lost another 5 lbs. That makes 15 this year. Any more and I'll be underweight, according to BMI. This of course comes after yet another week-long bout of illness. I can't believe how sick I've been this year. It's like I barely get well and I'm sick again. Honestly, I was happy to see the first 5 lbs go. I didn't mind the second 5. But with this 5, I'm concerned. I look a bit frail.