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Monday, September 22, 2003

Oh my, what a busy weekend. Friday night we went to the Ford Amphitheatre with my father-in-law to see the Orchestre Surreal. It was a great show and at the end the audience wouldn't leave and called for an encore. But they hadn't planned on an encore and didn't have any other sheet music. So after some discussion amongst themselves and with the audience, they performed a selection from memory. One of the band members called up a friend from the audience and they jitterbugged.

Saturday we went to breakfast at Julienne in San Marino. Then we went to Best Buy to buy a few DVDs, bringing our total collection to four. They apparently don't carry many classic or any foreign titles. I think I'll rely on Amazon to fill out our movie library. That evening we attended a fund raising dinner for a coworker's re-election campaign. It was a long drive but we had a pretty good time. There was a band and the singer was a woman who was quite famous in the Phillipines in the 80s.

Sunday my husband made breakfast. He's a pretty good cook. We spent the rest of the day at his niece's 5th birthday party. All events in his family are huge. About 100 people were invited. It was hot, in the upper 90s, and the party was outside. When we got home I was so exhausted from the heat that I fell asleep trying to read my Sociology text. I decided to set it aside and instead started writing an essay for my Philosophy class. My father-in-law came over and we watched Carnivale. It is way creepy and quite good. I'm hooked now. After that I worked on my essay a little more. I finished it up today; it's due tonight.

We've got tickets to the White Stripes with Hot Hot Heat at the Greek Theatre Wednesday. We've also got tickets to see Pinafore! at the Ford Amphitheatre on Sunday night. My sister's coming down from Santa Cruz this weekend to finish preparations for her wedding on Oct 4th. I took Oct 1-3 off so I could help her out and get a leg up on my homework.