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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Oh, I'm Exhausted  
Spent the weekend cleaning our apartment. I had meant for the second bedroom to be a den, someplace I could study without distractions. Instead it started out as storage for things that had no place and has remained so for almost three years. The computer is in there, but my husband keeps the desk covered with receipts, opened envelopes and other flotsam, making it very difficult to work at. I have periodically reminded him how much this upsets me; each time he promises to do better, starts to clean it, then stops and it gets worse.

Friday I bought a couple closet accessories from Bed Bath and Beyond. My husband had a class for work on Saturday. While he was gone I started cleaning our bedroom. By the time he got home around 1 or 2 I had completely reorganized all the closets and made a list of other things I wanted to get to finish the place. I'd also washed the dishes, swept the bedroom, given myself a pedicure and taken a shower. Once I make one spot clean, I need to make the rest clean.

He was apparently motivated by my efforts and we spent the next several hours sorting through our stuff. We filled two large garbage bags with items to donate to goodwill and filled the dumpster with three times that. Sunday was shopping for more supplies. By Sunday night the den was empty of boxes. The floor is visible. Hallelujah!

Monday night was my first class of the semester, Philosophy of Religion. I took another class with this instructor and I'm comfortable with his style of teaching. The content of the course sounds really interesting. I think I'll like it and probably do well.

Yesterday after work I went by Linens 'N Things and picked up a couple of big hat boxes, a photo box, and more wood skirt hangers. I'll have to post some pictures of our bedroom, it's gorgeous now.

This all started with WE. On the She House section of their site, they have a feng shui game called Feng She. They also have Top 20 Feng Shui Tips. Because of these, I rearranged our bedroom in accordance with their tips. Now, it may or may not be "correct", but I'm quite happy with the results. Our place looks great and I've got some do-able decorating plans in mind. I'm thinking of having an open house during the holidays. I'm actually proud of how our place looks, for once.