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Monday, September 22, 2003

Bad News People, The Recall is Still On  
Dear California MoveOn member,
The recall election is ON for October 7. Press coverage has given voters the false impression that the vote has been delayed -- but a delay now appears extremely unlikely. This is the final stretch.

The good news is that things are going our way. The more people think about what's at stake -- for our economy, our schools, our democracy -- the stronger opposition to the recall becomes. Poll numbers indicate that we can win this, but it's going to take an unprecedented voter turnout effort.

Today we need 5,000 volunteers to step forward to defeat the recall by taking part in the biggest phone bank ever. Our challenge is simple: let people know the election is on for October 7 and make sure they vote. We've got everything you need to get started. Please click below to sign up to be one of the 5,000 who make the difference:

Right now our job is to talk to people who vote by mail. Hundreds of thousands of ballots are sitting on kitchen tables waiting to be returned, but too many voters believe the election has been postponed. 5,000 of us working together this week can increase the No vote by 50,000 votes or more. That alone could be the difference in this election.

Next week we'll continue encouraging folks to vote and help them find their polling places using the state's online lookup tool. In this election many regular polling places will be closed -- that's one big reason why phone banking is so important right now.

MoveOn was the first to use the web to coordinate a large-scale phone banking effort like this in the 2002 elections. Help us set a new record by making even more calls than we did then. Our phone banking web pages make the job very easy. Just click here to get started:

We've got 15 days left to defeat the recall and score a much-needed victory for democracy. Let's make the most of every day.


--Zack Exley PAC
September 22nd, 2003