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Thursday, August 07, 2003

I didn't go to the YWCA fundraiser last weekend; I didn't have much money and I knew if I went, I'd spend too much. Since Wigfield was sold out, we went to a birthday party. Another co-worker brought his guitar and a small amp and performed for us. It was a lot of fun. Except that another co-worker broke her collarbone when she fell while parking her Harley. Shindig at my mom's was cool. They might be coming to Vegas with us for my father-in-law's 70th birthday. Also we made plans to go with them to the new Mormon temple open house at the end of the month. It should be interesting as I've never seen the inside of their temples, what with the unrepentant sinning and such. The show at the Palace was fabulous. My friend and I were both pretty tired and wondering why we were doing this. But when Les Nubians started everything was right with the world. I'd never heard Zap Mama before. I went to Tower Records a few days before the show to pick up their CD so I'd at least know something about them, but they were out of stock. They were really good. After Les Nubians' set we went to sit in the balcony and planned to watch Zap Mama from there. But after they started, I had to get into that human mix. So she stayed while I went downstairs to dance. I had a wonderful time.