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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Vegas Trip, Part III  
Sorry for the delay. I've been sick and busy.


So after the surprise birthday party, hubby and I got a cab to the Aladdin to check in. It was around 4:30 and there was a long line. Fortunately the line moved pretty quickly; we get to the counter and I tell the guy my name. He says, "we've upgraded you to the panorama suite at no extra charge." I nonchalantly reply, "oh, okay. thanks." Then he gives us keys, tells us which elevator to take and we head off. Our suite is at the end of the hall, through double doors into a foyer, through double doors again to the actual room. It's amazing! Big-screen TV, desk with internet access, powder room, dining table, wet bar. It had a large separate bedroom with a sitting area and a television in the armoire. The bathroom was gorgeous with double sinks, vanity, shower, soaking bathtub, and a bidet. There's a sliding wall panel between the huge bathtub and the living room; I slid the door open and took a bath while watching TV and enjoying an evening view of the strip. I'd never been in such a fancy room in my life. It was better than our apartment. We took pictures because we'll probably never get a room that nice again.

Check it out on their website. Click on Accommodations at the bottom, then Panorama Suite. For comparison, it was the Deluxe Room we originally reserved.