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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Still Sick  
Apparently there's a bad flu virus going around. No fever, lots of coughing, hard to shake. My husband gave it to me and I've heard of other people who had it. A former co-worker called today and said his wife had it for three weeks. I've got my arsenal here of Robitussin, cough drops, and green tea with honey; sick almost two weeks and limping through today.

I'm still working on that 26 Things project. All but one of the things are finished; I haven't found anything for Love. I'm going to skip it and just develop what I have.

Also I've got to post about my trip to Vegas. We left Sunday and returned yesterday. It was eventful - lots of ups and downs, no middle road.

Busy at work today, just finishing up. Proper post tomorrow.