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Monday, August 04, 2003

I think I've developed an allergy to eggs. For a few years now, I've noticed that when I eat eggs I experience a wave of nausea within minutes of the first bite. It'll pass after a little bit and then I can finish eating. To dampen the reaction I've been chasing my eggs with another food (toast, pancakes, etc.), spreading the eggs out. That's helped some. Sunday we each had pancakes, bacon and a fried egg (over easy). I shuffled bites of egg with bites of pancake, so I didn't have any immediate nausea. But then the rest of the day I had a bit of a sick tummy.

I went to my Mom's on Sunday for a luncheon to celebrate my brother's ordination. There were devilled eggs, which I like but can't have now, and I mentioned my possible allergy. My brother's girlfriend said she has the same thing. Like me, she only experiences it when she eats eggs directly, not like in cake or bread. And more so with the yolk than with the white. I think that's how I am, too, because if the yolk is cooked until dry I have a stronger reaction than if it's runny.

Also I'm allergic to CostCo. No, seriously. The one time I went there, I was fine when I walked in and then gradually I became sick. Coughing, sniffling, watery eyes, a full-on allergic reaction. After we left it cleared up and I felt fine again. It was probably from all the particulate matter in the air; CostCo is very dusty.