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Thursday, August 21, 2003

My Vegas Trip, Part II  

We got back to SIL1's room around 2. SIL2 had checked in by then and managed to get the adjoining room. Everything was completely transformed. All the luggage was tucked away, the rooms were aired out and scented, decorations were up, trays of food were placed around on tables. One of the tubs was full of ice, drinks and a huge watermelon (which SIL2's family had grown and brought from MS). The friends we came with went to check in (they were staying at the Trop). Hubby and I settled in with a couple of beers. FIL's sister's family showed up, then his friends from out of state. SIL2's family was sequestered in their room and the adjoining door closed.

FIL had driven out with an old friend. His friend pretended to check in and took FIL to "their room". He had FIL knock on SIL1's door. She opened the door and SURPRISE! Lots of merriment and laughing, noisemakers and cameras. Then SIL1 gets a call on her cell phone. She says it's SIL2 calling from Mississippi and hands the phone to FIL. He tells her about the great surprise and then there's a knock on the door. SIL1 opens the door and in walks SIL2 talking to him on my husband's cell phone. Double surprise!! They pulled it off perfectly. Oh, it was beautiful. I got a little teary. They'll be talking about that for years.