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Thursday, August 21, 2003

My Vegas Trip, Part I  

Here's how it started. Every year my father-in-law (FIL) drives to Vegas for his birthday (August 17). This year was his 70th. Over dinner one night my sister-in-law (SIL1) suggested we have a surprise party for him. We began inviting friends and family to meet in Vegas. In typical fashion, FIL started inviting the same people to go to Vegas with him for his birthday. SIL1 told him she wouldn't be able to make it because she couldn't get a babysitter. We decide to have the party on Sunday in SIL1's hotel room. She orders a cake and hors d'ouevre platters from a grocery store in Vegas and drives up on Saturday to prepare.

The biggest surprise for FIL will be that SIL2 and her family will be driving from Mississippi to the party. We haven't seen them since they moved there from Palmdale, over a year ago. Saturday, hubby and I are out shopping when he gets a call from SIL1 on his cell. SIL2's van broke down and they're stuck in Kingman, AZ. Something about a broken head, $5000 to replace the engine. They ditched the van and SIL1's husband drove an hour and a half each way to pick them up and bring them to Vegas, all six of them - mom, dad, three daughters, oldest daughter's boyfriend. They arrived after midnight. Their reservation at the Tropicana was for check-in on Sunday. So they crashed in SIL1's room.

Our pilot friend flew us out in his plane; us being me, my husband, and another couple. We left early Sunday morning and arrived a little after 10. We went to SIL1's room at the Trop. It was pandemonium, luggage everywhere. They'd been taking turns showering all morning, so the room was steamy. We stuck our bags in the closet and went to get breakfast across the street at New York, New York. It was nearing noon when we sat down to eat.