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Friday, August 22, 2003

I'm a Mess  
Remember how a couple months ago I injured my right pinky toe at a friend's house? Well, standing in line to check in at the Aladdin on Sunday, I was wearing sandals and bumped that toe against my husband's sneaker-clad foot. I thought I'd just chipped the polish but, later, after closer inspection I saw I'd actually torn the nail a bit. So I wrapped a bandage on it, then replaced that later with medical tape, to keep it from tearing more. Last night before getting in the shower I took the tape off and my nail came up with it. It's actually still attached at the inside corner. I've got it bandaged again until it's ready to come off. I totally freaked out and started crying. I've got an ugly toe! My husband assured me it'll grow back. When I calmed down I looked at it more closely. The nail is partially grown back. I figure it must've become mostly severed in the original injury, the new nail began growing back underneath, and bumping it again knocked the old nail loose. This is exactly what I feared most after the original injury - losing my nail. I'm proud of my beautiful feet and it really upsets me that I'll have an ugly toe.

I woke up this morning at 3:20 in a lot of pain. From my spine to my fingertips, my right arm is killing me. My husband rubbed some IcyHot on it so I could sleep. All day today it's been aching. I wore a ThermaCare patch on it at work today but it isn't really helping. I scheduled a 30 minute shiatsu tonight at 7:15.

I'm not coughing as much today. I still sound awful but at least it's getting better.