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Friday, August 08, 2003

Flip Flop  
Of the candidates, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich has been the most outspoken in support of the legalization of medical marijuana.
Kucinich told the San Francisco Chronicle in May that pot should be available "to any patient who needs it to alleviate pain and suffering," and promised, if elected, to "sign an executive order [to] permit its use." Most recently, Kucinich lobbied on the House floor in favor of an amendment to bar the Justice Department from using federal funds to prosecute state-authorized medical marijuana patients. "States deserve to have the right to make their own decisions regarding the use of medical marijuana," he said. "The federal government should use its power to help terminally ill citizens, not arrest them."
Kucinich's new found support for medical marijuana is a dramatic shift in the Congressman's position. In 1988, Kucinich voted in favor of a House resolution defining marijuana as "a dangerous and addictive drug [that] should not be legalized for medicinal use." Kucinich is currently a co-sponsor of a pair of federal bills seeking to liberalize federal law regarding the use of medical marijuana by qualified patients.

From an email alert NORML News of the Week 8/7/03