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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My husband and I watched the Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum last night on C-SPAN and I'm more convinced now that Dean is the best candidate.

Kucinich proved himself to be a self-righteous asshole. He's a pro-life vegan; I suppose morally against the killing of any living thing. Well fine, except he's one of those that insist everyone else must do as he does because he is right. Period. He kept talking about when he's president he'll issue executive orders to make everyone do what he thinks is right. Whoa! Isn't that what W does? Also, he kept attacking all the other candidates, in violation of the rules. (Besides, there's no way I could possibly listen to that yelling, whiny voice for four years.)

Gephardt is just a dick. There was one thing he said, though, that I totally agree with. He suggested creating a Teacher Corps wherein if you teach wherever they put you for 5 years, the federal government will pay for your college education. That's a great idea. But other stuff he said, hmm, he's too centrist for my taste.

Braun kept answering other people's questions instead of her own. In her closing statement she basically said, vote for me I've got a vagina. Um, right.

Edwards is smarmy. He yanks on your heartstrings like a demanding child. Let me tell you a story, I'm the grandson of a sharecropper, my father was a millworker. This is the American story, that the son of a millworker can beat the son of a president. You can't ask me to give you my vote based on who your daddy is. That's the same argument for voting for Bush.

Kerry is lackluster. I can't put my finger on it. He says alot of the same things as the other candidates, but just doesn't spark my interest. His big thing was that he had actually served in the military. So what? Military people are better than everyone else? Yeah, no.

Graham seems shady. I just don't like him.

Lieberman, ick. Never liked him, what he says, what he does. He's a zionist hawk. One thing, I respect that he said what he believed even though he was booed, and didn't try to pander or backpedal. But I disagree with most of what he says. He's for vouchers and expanding free trade.

Sharpton was the only candidate who got a standing ovation. I'd never heard him speak before. Damn, he's good! I agreed with everything he said. I wanted him to be the candidate and couldn't understand why nobody takes him seriously. But then I remembered that he doesn't have any experience. You can't go for president on your first time out. Sharpton should run for senator or representative; he'd be great in Congress. I love his ideas, he should be writing legislation.

Dean was great. He responded to an attack by Kucinich, but in a good-natured way instead of sniping. He made clear that he was (and is) against the war in Iraq because the evidence wasn't there. He's not a pacifist. When responding to a question about healthcare he referenced his record as governor of Vermont. I really liked that he said, we (the Dems) tried to be more centrist and it didn't work in the last election so we need to get back to what the Democratic Party is about. He took responsibility. He's my man.

Honestly, I don't think I could bring myself to vote for Lieberman or Gephardt. I want to say I'll support any Democratic candidate, but I doubt I could support either of them.