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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Wrap It Up  
Did a LOT of shopping this weekend as I am woefully unprepared for summer. Bought a dress, skirt and 2 belts on clearance at J.Crew, and another pink skirt at Jaloux in the Paseo Colorado. Also had ordered two pairs of espadrilles and two pairs of fancy earrings from Banana Republic which I received on Friday. Earlier last week I bought two skirts from Red Dress Shoppe in Pasadena.

Also went to see T3. I was prepared to not like it because I read a negative review in the New Yorker, but I enjoyed it. The beginning was a little slow; they did a lot of narrated catching up and then suddenly jumped right into the killing and chasing and destruction. That first action scene was really long. I got fatigued by it about halfway through the scene. I can only take so much boom-crash and then my eyes and ears start to feel raw.

Claire Danes was a great choice for this role. She's so believable as an average person who ends up being the fulcrum upon which everything rests. Plus she is the best cryer ever. The movie throughout felt like a bridge, just something to get us from the last one to the next one. But the ending, oh the ending! I loved the ending. Sooo dystopia. And, y'know, I love the dystopia. The Terminator series is a perfectly realized model of dystopia.

The review I read accused the movie of having the same plot as the last one. If you stand way far back, that's true. But any closer inspection of this movie proves otherwise. There are major differences between this one and the last one. For one thing, there's a love story in there. Of sorts. And the ending is the exact opposite. Plus the terminator is a chick. I'm so excited to see the next one.

Sunday night we went to the House of Blues' Foundation Room to see Gwendolyn play. We had dinner downstairs at the restaurant first. The food was good, nicely presented and well priced. The service was a little off, though. Then we went back upstairs for the show. The Foundation Room is usually members only, but this was some special thing that my father-in-law was invited to. I dunno, the man knows everybody. It's a pretty fancy place, with a dress code, but frankly I expected better. The carpet was torn in visible places; a framed photo was obviously missing from the upholstered wall; the bar stools were very uncomfortable; the bar itself was carved wood, which is beautiful but not lean-friendly; and the drinks were watery and overpriced. It was shabby elegant, like the El Rey, but with way more pretention which I seriously don't need.

On the up side, it was a good show and I met some interesting people. Oh, also the valet parking is $15. Yeah, that's too much. For comparison, valet at the Ritz-Carlton is $7. And the Ritz is elegant, with not a shabby spot to be found, nor pretention, and way better staff.