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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Who's That Girl?  
Last night I went with my husband to The Derby. The festivities started with a puppet show by Moodoo Puppets. Up next was Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang and then the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players. My father-in-law had recommended Gwendolyn to us many, many times. He decided not to come to this show though because it was some sort of child-themed evening; like punk rock for kids, but for adults. Huh?

Gwendolyn sang children's songs, but in a rock kind of way. My favorite was I Don't Think I Like It which she sang while robot dancing with only piano for accompaniment. The rest of the songs were accompanied by drums, guitar, bass, and a backup singer in a pinafore and red curls.

The Trachtenbergs were as good as their hype. Um, they're hard to explain. Here, read this. The layout of the Derby is really not conducive to showing slides. It's a rectangular-ish room with a stage set into one corner and a huge bar right in the middle of the room. So if you weren't directly in front of the stage, it was really hard to see the slides. And, really, the slides are an integral part of the show. Without the slides, there's no humor. Not a laughy-laugh humor, more like a sly, witty humor. Although I did laugh in a few parts; a sly, witty laugh. I'd been curious about them since I read a favorable review in the New Yorker a while back. They were my main reason for going to the show. If possible, you should really check them out.

Now, finally, to address my eponymous topic. While standing at the stage end of the room watching Gwendolyn, a woman stood nearby. My husband and I both recognized her, but we can't figure out where from. She looked like if you fed Patricia Arquette some sort of Miracle Gro concoction. Now, mind you, I'm not saying fat; I'm saying Amazon-like. And that's in comparison to tiny, little me at barely 5'4". She had shoulder-length, bleached blond hair pulled into a ponytail with bangs. She was wearing a blue Hawaiian print sheath dress.

I kept sneaking glances at her during the show trying to figure out why she looked so familiar. I don't know her personally; she isn't one of the people I regularly see at shows (you know, people who go to the same places you go, so you recognize them, but don't really know them); she might be an actress, but that would surprise me because of her size. (I don't mean to make her sound elephantine, it's just that actresses are usually extremely tiny. I would be large in comparison to most actresses. Your average ingenue is barely 5', barely 100 lbs.) Between Gwendolyn and TFSP, we went towards the bar (thereby losing our good-viewing spot, but I needed a drink) and they went the other way. My arm brushed hers when we walked past each other. Why do I know her?