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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

To Elaborate  
Thursday night we hosted poker at our place. I did very well but made the mistake of offering vodka to everyone. Usually they'll help themselves to whiskey (or anything else) in the cupboard. But K doesn't drink dark liquor, so he's never availed himself of the stuff in the cabinet. He just sticks with beer. When I mentioned we keep vodka in the freezer half the table got up, including K. He had to be driven home and was so smashed he couldn't sit upright. No more vodka for you.

I spent Friday with my husband. We slept in late and went to see Charlie's Angels 2 in the afternoon. I loved it! Sexy women kicking ass and blowing shit up, YAY!!! It was lots of fun. We went to Islands for dinner and then watched the CVHS fireworks.

Saturday we went to my parents' house; my brother cooked a ham. Hubby and I went shopping with my Mom and sister. I bought this, these and a pink glitter single-row pyramid stud belt for me; this for a friend; and this for my husband.

Sunday we went to McCormick & Schmick's for brunch with a friend. After doing some chores in the early afternoon, my husband and I went to see Whale Rider at the Rialto in South Pasadena. I blinked back tears at a bunch of points in the movie. Beautifully done. Then we went to Soda Jerks for dinner and bought some old-fashioned candy.