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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Reader Question  
Vernon asks "How did a Half-Navajo born in Australia, end up in Pasadena?"

Well, it's like this. My parents met at college in Utah (yup, BYU). My dad was a senior from California; my mom was a freshman from all over (Arizona, California, Wyoming, Utah). After my dad graduated, my mom dropped out of school (with a full scholarship!) and they got married. My dad got a teaching position in Australia so they moved there. I was born soon after. When my dad's work visa ran out, they moved back to the States. My mom was very pregnant with my sister at the time. We lived in California but my sister was born in an Indian hospital in Arizona because my parents had no health insurance. I spent most of my growing-up time in the "Inland Empire". When I moved out on my own, I chose Pasadena. My then-boyfriend (now-husband) lived in La Crescenta and when I visited him on the weekends we often went to Pasadena for shopping, movies, dining, music. I lived on my own for a couple years and then we moved in together to a bigger place in Pasadena. Then we moved to an even bigger place in Montrose, which is right next to La Crescenta, and that brings us to the present.