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Monday, July 21, 2003

Monday Madness  
1. Do you remember what you dream about; and if so, have you had any recurring dreams?
Most of the time, I remember my dreams. I have had a few recurring dreams. There was a period when I kept dreaming the same scenario about a tornado coming. The first time I had the dream I panicked. Then gradually through the series I became more capable and by the last time I had the dream I was calmly rescuing other people.
2. What is the weirdest dream you ever had?
That's a tough one; I have a lot of weird, vivid dreams. Once I dreamed I was flying in a cast iron frying pan. I was sitting in the pan and swooping through tree branches, and I was afraid of going too high in case I tipped the pan over and fell out.
3. Do you think your dreams have anything to do with what food you eat, what mood you're in, or something that's been bothering you at the time?
I think they have more to do with what I've been focussing on. Like if I watch a zombie movie, I'll dream about zombies. And if I've been wrapped up in a problem, I think my brain keeps trying to solve it in my sleep. Like when I was planning my wedding and kept having dreams about clothes and hotels. When I'm under stress at work, I'll dream about work. Same with school.
4. Have you ever been interested in knowing what your dreams mean, to the point of visiting a dream analyst or reading a book about dreams?
I've read dream interpretation books. But the thing with dreams is that they're very personal. For example, tornados represent to me the uncontrollable nature of life and fate; but they may mean something entirely different to you. So, the interpretation of dreams is highly subjective. It depends completely on your own connotations of things.