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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

My sister sent an invite to join her MSN group where she has family photos posted. So I try to join the group for which you need a .NET account for which you need a nickname. Everything I can think of is taken, even my usual backups. It's frustrating but I keep trying different things anyway, for two reasons. One, it's the only way to see my niece and nephew since they live far away and don't visit often. And, two, because the alternate nicknames MSN suggests are baffling!

To wit: AdjustedChimp, ErredEnvelope, PreshrunkKibbles, DrollAverage, TautShrimp, BeadiestBow, PreadultMermaid, DaffiestChaff, HandwovenMammal, UnscathedAmoeba. I should use one of these just because they're so absurd.

But before it even gets to these non sequitur nicknames, MSN tries to suggest something vaguely related to your original request by adding an adjective to the front end. Like, I put in sashafoo, and it suggested FissileSashafoo, ScornfulSashafoo, DesigningSashafoo, PenalSashafoo. Or for sashafoo74, how about HumorousSashafoo74, InjuredSashafoo74, FeltySashafoo74, BurdenedSashafoo74? I tried sashafooyou and got HighbrowSashafooyou, EighthSashafooyou, StudiedSashafooyou, WestboundSashafooyou.

Some of these descriptions really amuse me. InjuredSashafoo74? Why, yes, all the time. HumorousSashafoo74; I hope so. WestboundSashafooyou, how ambitious! I'd be FissileSashafoo, but I have no idea what that means.