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Monday, July 14, 2003

Adventures in Hardcover  
In a rather unusual move, I purchased 2 (two!) hardcover books this weekend. My husband and I went to Vroman's and I lost myself amid the BookSense 76 wall. It's not entirely my fault; all books on that wall are 20% off for July & August. After all, I'm not made of wood. So I bought Wigfield, which I'd heard of, and The Laws of Evening, which I hadn't. I adore Amy Sedaris, she's just fabulous. And I really like Stephen Colbert. So I'm sure I'll enjoy Wigfield.

After my book spree, we went next door to the Laemmle Theatre and saw The Housekeeper. It was very French. I happen to like French movies, so I really enjoyed it. My husband said it ended like they ran out of film. Yeah, French movies are kinda abrupt like that. Because that's how life is, abrupt. In life, no loose ends are tied up, there are no happy endings, nothing's romantic or tragic. Things just are as they are and then they aren't. I love that.