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Monday, June 30, 2003

Weekend Rehash  
On Sunday hubby and I went to Zocalo for Fathers Day Brunch. It was father-in-law's idea. He booked a jazz trio (Red Hill) to play there and wanted to bring a crowd for them. It was $16 and quite tasty. A bunch of family and friends showed up. We did some grocery shopping and then went home to wait out the heat. In late afternoon, a friend came over and we went to the Absolut Chalk Festival in Pasadena. Then we went across the street to the Paseo Colorado for a little shopping. We checked out MaxStudio because I wanted a fancy Vegas dress, but I didn't find anything. My friend found a few things, though. I stopped in Sephora while hubby and friend went to Lucky. They both bought jeans (on sale) and she also got a cute shirt. Meanwhile, I'd picked up Nars Sweet Dreams lip gloss, Shiseido mattifying stick, and Philosopy Falling in Love. My friend says it smells like cotton candy. I think it's sweet, fruity and a little floral. I'm wearing it right now.

Then we had dinner at Border Grill, which is pricier than we expected. Fortunately we weren't that hungry, so we had appetizers and beer. Except hubby had a mojito, fancy. After that we went back to our place and watched Bring It On on HBO. I made apple martinis for me and my friend, with Vincent Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka. It's the only apple vodka and makes the best apple martinis. It was a great weekend and I wasn't injured. Yay!!

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