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Friday, June 27, 2003

Treats for me! Treats for me!  
I've been itching to go to the bookstore all week, but haven't because of 1) other stuff to do and 2) ouchy toe which still can't take much walking or touching. So, in the absence of actual shopping I've been compiling a list of books and CDs I'd like to get, and making sure all bills are paid and checkbook balanced. All in preparation for the eventual Real Shopping. Yesterday I had my chance. My toe wasn't feeling too bad; my bills were all paid (with plenty left over); my checkbook was balanced ; and dinner was just going to be pasta, so I had some time.

I went to Borders and bought Goodbye Tsugumi, Holidays on Ice, Why Girls are Weird, and Discovery.

On the way home I bought this. Now, that's gonna require some explanation.