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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Not Again!  
Saturday morning was drizzly. My husband and I went to breakfast at Russell's in Pasadena. We took a stack of gift certificates and gift cards that we've been meaning to use. So we eat at the counter and then decide to check out Pottery Barn since his sister gave us a $100 certificate for our wedding (last October; yeah, I know, but we were busy). Anyway, we look at the rugs because we have hardwood floors throughout our apartment. I like this one, he hates it. Besides, he says, 5x8 isn't big enough for the dining room and the 8x10 is too expensive. Well, he's right. Then I remember that while we were flipping through the rugs I saw one that was 8x10 and surprisingly affordable. Check it out. Black acacia print jute rug, 8'x10' for only $140. Hm, with the gift certificate that's forty bucks for a huge rug. Ring it up! It took up the entire length of my car, from trunk to radio. I had to move the end to change the station. It fits perfectly in the dining room, like it was custom-made. The whole place smells like jute. I love it! Every time I look at it I smile, it makes me so happy.
While we were out a friend had called saying she'd be in the area and would we like to get together. I called her back on her cell phone, no answer, left a message. Something like "Hey, we'll be home. Stop on by and see the new rug we bought. It's friggin' cool!" We hung out at home for the rest of the afternoon, basking in our new rug and waiting for her. After a while I tried her cell again, but still no answer. She never came by or called back. Our friends are so flaky.
Anyway, in the meantime we made dinner plans with another friend (the same one from last weekend). We went to Jax in Glendale. I got a manhattan (because they make the best manhattan) at the bar while we waited for a table; then braised lamb and a glass of cabernet. After dinner we went back to our place to put the leftovers in the fridge. We decided to go to Barru in Montrose; I'll post about that later. Skip ahead, skip ahead. We go to friend's house, drink and watch DVDs.
While there I was walking around in high-heeled sandals and caught the pinky toe of my right foot on some old photography equipment he has lying around. I screamed a little, hopped over to the couch and proceeded to bleed like a stuck pig. My husband squirted Bactine on my toe and wrapped it in a Band-Aid. When we went home I unwrapped my toe for a closer look. I don't trust my husband with first aid and I didn't believe he'd done a good job. I put some hydrogen peroxide on it which frothed like crazy, meaning it was full of germs, and then put neosporin on a new band-aid and wrapped it back up.
The next day we went shopping for chair pads for the dining room chairs, to match the rug. I wore low top Converse and limped around the store a while before giving up. My toe felt hot and I was in a bit of pain. We went home so I could put my foot up. I carefully removed my dark berry polish with a q-tip to see what was going on under the nail. There's a line of dried blood under the nail, just above the base. So it looks like the nail was pulled up, tearing the skin underneath, and that's where all that blood came from.
I'm still unable to wear real shoes. I stayed home Monday to keep my foot up. (On Sunday when I was up and moving around too much, blood and fluid oozed out of the nail. Ick.) Yesterday and today I'm at work in flip-flops. Even having the covers on it at night hurts. I told my husband, that's two weekends in a row I've been out with them and come home injured. I can't go out with them anymore. See, this isn't baseball, this is sashaball, and in sashaball it's two strikes and you're out.