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Friday, June 06, 2003

Here's A Thought For You  
This is something a friend brought up, and my husband and I continued the discussion after he left.*

What age range is okay to fool around with? What about for a serious relationship? By age range, I mean how much younger/older. The main point is, how much does age have to do with compatibility? My husband thinks a couple who are close in age will be more compatible because they have more in common. But I don't think age is all that relevant (to a point). I think life experiences, family environment, religious beliefs, etc. have far more to do with compatibility than age. Enough so that age becomes a non-issue. I have always dated older men, sometimes much older, and I never really felt the age difference.

*by the way, don't ever continue a conversation after the other person leaves. you'll think it's an argumentative discussion; your husband will think it's a fight.