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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

So. Friday was interesting. I suppose that was to be expected, Friday the 13th, full moon, you know. Invited a friend over for dinner, nothing fancy, just frozen pizza (feta, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes) from Trader Joe's and a simple salad I threw together. I served the remains of two bottles of wine and then we opened the bottle our friend brought over. We're halfway through that one, talking about Important Things, and the phone rings. My husband answers. It's his dad. There's a show starting in Silverlake in 10 minutes. It's The Negro Problem (playing as their alter ego The Cover Problem, in which they perform inspired covers). Let's go!

I change my shoes from flip-flops to heels, pee, smear on some cream eyeshadow and a swipe of lip gloss. 5 minutes and I'm out the door. We arrive during the first song. It's an $8 cover and we get some drinks. Hubby gets a Bass draft, friend gets gin&tonic (I think), I go for a cosmo. The show is awesome! The show is short! Half an hour later I've got half a drink left and no music, with no encore in sight. Apparently this place hosts a technogoth club and us losers have to clear out! We hang out in the corner chatting and snickering while I finish my tasty drink. Hubby's Dad says the drummer from this show will be playing in another band at Taix, across the street, in a little bit. We scoot on over.

It's packed! The boys hang out near the door while I go pee. As I finish, all of a sudden I get this sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I'm washing my hands and it's getting worse. I try to wait it out, leaning against the wall. It isn't going away. I walk back to my boys and say to my husband that I'm in a lot of pain and we need to go. We start walking to the car and I can't walk anymore, it hurts too much. So friend carries me to the car and sets me in the back seat. On the way home, they ask if I need to go to the hospital. I'm in too much pain to talk, so I nod. Friend carries me into the emergency room, sets me down on a chair, and tries to comfort me while hubby checks me in and takes care of the paperwork. They call my name really soon and friend carries me to the exam room and lays me on the bed.

Here's the condensed version. I tell doc what happened; nurse 1 gives me a shot (!) of pain medicine in my butt; nurse 2 takes blood (!!) & pee-in-a-cup; (long wait, fitful sleep); radiologist does vaginal and pelvic ultrasounds; doc says ruptured ovarion cyst, bed rest for a few days, follow up with your doctor; he gives me prescription for Vicodan. That took from 11:30p-4:30a. Yup, 5 hours! Most of that time was waiting for the radiologist to show up. Friend lives nearby and hubby offered to take him home, but he chose to stay. **kisses** I didn't fill the prescription; I'm pretty sensitive to medication and Vicodan is some serious shit. I've been taking Advil when I need to and that's been enough.

So, I missed Father's Day with my Dad on Saturday and cancelled some other Saturday plans we had for sushi, sake & music with a bunch of friends. Instead I spent the day lying on the couch, alternately reading and watching TV. Sunday I consented to breakfast with Friend and hubby's Dad, then came home and we played Scrabble (except Friend, he had chores). When Friend finished chores, he & hubby went to play racquetball while I did some more reading-on-the-couch. When he got back, hubby & I went for dinner at Island's, then came home and watched TV.

I stayed home yesterday and read the first half of "Out of Africa". I'd never read it before. I've seen the movie; it's one thing Mom & I agree on - we both love it! The book is very good. It's quite different from the movie, not better or worse, just different. Today I'm back at work and soaking up some sympathy. I'm a little sore, and I've got a bruise on my butt from the injection, but I'm okay. I've got a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor on the 30th.