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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Friday night
My husband and his co-workers had a barbeque and poker night after work. I went out to dinner with a friend and then went back to his place to watch DVDs.
I went to the salon to get my hair cut really short, Halle Berry short. For comparison, it was past my shoulders when I went in. All the hair that's left is unprocessed; it's the first time I've had virgin hair in over 10 years. Even my mom had forgotten my natural haircolor. Everyone loves it; it's so fun to make a big change and have everyone fawn over you. :) My husband got a haircut too, but it was just a trim.
Then we went out with a friend. We had an early dinner at P.F. Chang's, did a little browsing at Max Studio and Sephora, shopped at Vroman's, saw Bend It Like Beckham, and then went home.
Got a Transmission Flush at Jiffy Lube; car purred in satisfaction. Picked up a few necessities at Rite-Aid. Went to sister-in-law's place for a barbeque in the afternoon. Got home a little before 7, called a friend to make plans. He came over an hour later and we went to Buster's for coffee, apple cake, and jazz. Ran into my father-in-law there with his new ladyfriend; he was going to Buccaneer to see a few bands play. Sounded good so we decided to join him. We saw The Shakes (okay) and The Jupiter Effect (awesome!), had a few beers, played some pool. Father-in-law was running the table until he got tired of playing and decided to throw the game. After the show, went home, had a snack out of the fridge and went to bed.
Father-in-law called to invite us over for breakfast, but we didn't have much time, so we invited him over instead. He brought sausages, english muffin bread, and cherry tomatoes; my husband made banana pancakes, and I made eggs and coffee. We called up a friend and he came over, too. We had a nice, early breakfast (9:30) and then shooed them out at 10:30 because we had to get over to my parents' house. Saw X2 with my parents and two of my brothers, then went back to their house for a barbeque. I assembled the potato salad, one brother made baked beans, dad made broccoli salad, other brother fried bacon for the burgers, mom grilled burgers with Lipton onion soup mix and hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Hung out in their completely redone backyard, watched some TV, chose a color for my Creative Memories scrapbook (mom's making one for each of her six kids), and looked through some old pictures of my mom. My parents gave us an old DVD player they had. We got home at 9, watched some TV, had some tea, and went to bed.