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Friday, May 02, 2003

Via Lynn  
A- Animals: husband's long-haired white cat, very old, very cranky
B- Best Friend(s): my husband (no, really)
C- Cohabitants: my husband and his cat
D- Desire(s): I keep mine secret
E- Eye Color: Brown
F- Favourite Foods: tuna sushi, salmon, brown rice, bamee
G- Games: poker (& I'm learning chess)
H- Habits: daydreaming, reading
I- Interests: social justice, spirituality, gambling, music, psychology, art
J- Job: secretary at a labor union
K- Kitchen...wonder or blunder? wonder according to hubby, friends, and family
L- Languages: a little bit of french and an even littler bit of spanish
M- Most valued possession: I don't put much value in possessions
N- Name (named after?): sashafoo (cat) (seriously, I'm not putting my real name)
O- Outfit you love: pink tropical Betsey Johnson dress
P- Pizza toppings: sun-dried tomatoes, olives, garlic, onions, feta
Q- Question asked to you the most: indirect, embarrassed questions about my ethnicity because nobody can ever figure it out
R- Relationship: married 11/11/00
S- Sport to watch: basketball & football
T- Television show(s): Six Feet Under
U- Unsavory characteristic: procrastination, stubbornness
V- Video: Like Water for Chocolate, Strictly Ballroom, The Matrix, Rear Window
W- Webpage: duh
X- Xylophone (or other instrument): used to play flute and piano
Y- Year born: 1974
Z- Zodiac Sign: Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Ascendant