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Thursday, May 15, 2003

I have a bunch of superpowers that could collectively be called ExtraSensitivePerception.

I can hear the comment you thought was under your breath. I can hear your car door close on the street outside my apartment. I can hear your keys jingle as you come down the walk to my door. I can hear the phone ring and know that it's you. I can almost hear the thoughts in your head; they sound like rustling, look like shadows, smell like dust and damp.
I can smell when you use a different laundry soap or wear clothes that have been in the bottom of your drawer, neglected for months. I can smell when you brushed your teeth but didn't floss. I can smell ghost-scents that aren't there.
I know when there is a spider near me. I can always see them, when they think they're camoflauged. If I'm asleep when a spider comes near me, I see it in my dreams.
I can feel a flea crawling on my skin. I can feel when you're standing near me and your sleeve touches my sleeve. My skin burns when you touch me, and it's almost too much.
I can read your thoughts in your eyes; they're written on your irises.
I can put thoughts into your head and make you say things you don't understand.