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Friday, May 02, 2003

Pass It On  
Inspired by benlau, inspired by comte:

I have a bunch of personal effects in my cubicle. To wit.

1) Project Angel Food calendar
2) Kiehl's Chinese Flowers lotion
3) tacky blue vase
4) abcs poster
5) maiden hair fern in blue pot
6) dove poster
7) Guernica poster
8) an anonymous quote "Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, character becomes destiny. If you harbor negative thoughts, you leave a negitive legacy. If you harbor positive thoughts, you leave a positive legacy. Compassion and community service makes one a better person." printed on goldenrod paper.
9) a New Yorker cartoon of a doctor at his desk explaining to a pumpkin in a chair "It's a very simple procedure. We slice off the top of your head, scoop out your innards with a spoon, and carve out your eyes and mouth."
10) a Non Sequitur cartoon of a man and woman standing on a street corner under a sign reading "Absolutely NO Machete Juggling" with a double-headed arrow below. The man says "Suddenly I have an urge to juggle machetes..." It's entitled "The Essence of Human Nature".
11) this particular This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow clipped from the 11/26/01 issue of In These Times.