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Monday, May 19, 2003

Monday Madness  
1. If somebody gave you a ticket and all expenses paid, would you travel to France for your vacation? Why or why not?
Yes, of course. I can't imagine why anyone would turn that down. The architecture is gorgeous; the land is beautiful; and the food! My god, the food! Birth place of haute cuisine. I would eat and drink my way through that country and return home fat and delirious. My sister went to France in college and she has some great pictures of it.

2. If you had a chance to be on 'Survivor' and had to use your vacation time for part of the experience, would you? Feel free to explain.
You could not get me to be on that show. The people are more dangerous than the surroundings.

3. Are you going on a vacation this summer (or any time this year) and if so, where to? Why did you pick this place?
Yes, I'll probably take two short vacations. One up the coast stopping in Santa Cruz and San Francisco to visit family and friends. If there's time we'll also stop in Cambria and Monterey, because I love those places and haven't been there in a long time. Second is in August to Las Vegas for a few days to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.