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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Monday Madness  
1. What is/was your favorite subject in school? Your least favorite?
High School: Favorite was Group Dynamics, a psychology class. Least is a tie between English and History.
College: I've really enjoyed all my classes, even the required courses, because I learn something from every one. I guess least favorite would be my math classes because they're boring. Favorites have been psychology, ballet, and painting.
2. What was the most difficult assignment you ever had to do in school? What was it that made it so difficult?
My final paper in Freshman English. It was my first 10 page paper, twice as long as any other paper I'd done. It was a critical essay on the novel Like Water for Chocolate. I completely botched it and got a C or D, I can't remember. I had been doing well in the class until that paper, which brought my whole grade down. I did poorly because 1) I was unaccustomed to writing that much, 2) I was working full time and taking three classes (math, art, english), 3) I didn't properly understand the assignment. I should've asked the teacher for help, but I didn't.
3. When it came time for tests/exams, did/do you get nervous? Did/do you study hard for them?
I didn't used to in high school. My viewpoint was faux-integrity, "I'll do fine if I really learned it and shouldn't try to fake learning by studying". So arrogant! Now, in college, I get nervous and I study like mad.