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Monday, April 28, 2003

Total Jesus Fest  
Okay, I didn't post this before so I probably should before it's just too old to post at all.

We spent the day before Easter at my husband's sister's place. We colored two dozen eggs with his niece and had dinner. On Easter day proper we went to my parents' house. My Mom outdid herself. She had set up a table in the entry with Passover items and slips of paper explaining their symbolism. One the wall above the table were taped nine or twelve pictures of Jesus (it was rows of three and I can't remember if there were 3 or 4 rows). After dinner she gave us each a Passover item and we had to read the slip of paper for that item. My husband got the longest one. Then we adjourned to the living room.

My Mom had another activity for us. She passed around a basket of plastic eggs with various items in them. We each took one and opened it. Then she passed around index cards with bible verses on them. We had to match the bible verse to the item in our egg. There were 12 eggs but only 8 of us, so I took 3 extra ones and my sister took the last extra one. After we'd matched them all, we read them in order (they were numbered). Again, my husband got a difficult one.

We sat around for awhile reading, watching TV and chatting. Then my Mom put on a video. It was the story of the crucifixion (you know, it just occured to me, a crueller person might say "crucifiction"; that's mean). It was about a half-hour long and was produced by the Mormon church (my parents are Mormon, I think I mentioned that before).

I don't think my husband's been exposed to that much Jesus in his entire life. I talked to him about it last night to get his reaction. He's hard to read, doesn't convey his emotions much. He didn't mind it and actually kinda liked it. He said it was better than having empty symbolism. In his family everything is secular, but they still feel the need to perform all the rituals of holiday. It's like, everyone else does this, so we have to do it too. But there's no meaning behind it. So, he liked that my family has rituals backed with belief.

Seriously, it was a lot of Jesus at once even for me and I was raised in that environment.