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Monday, April 28, 2003

Shake It Off  
Beliefnet Horoscope for April 26

LIBRA (me): If you’ve been doing some deep thinking about issues you don’t normally dwell upon, you probably aren’t yet finished. The next couple of weeks present a fantastic opportunity for you to dig into the vulnerable underbelly of reality. Whether it’s about a current relationship issue or your basic relationship dilemma, get to the bottom of it now while you have a chance.

SCORPIO (my husband): Mercury has slammed on his brakes while he’s in your Solar 7th House of Relationships. It feels like he’s not going to budge an inch until you begin to address the issues through honest communication. It may not feel like fun at first, but remember that this is an opportunity to reclaim the feelings that have become subdued while you have focused on the mechanics of survival. All things can be changed, even if they feel immovable.

Yeah, um, that doesn't really sound good, does it? Yipe.