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Monday, April 21, 2003

Recant Potential: High  
I don't know if I should post this, but I'm emboldened by yukino's recent post, so here goes. I had a dream a while back which I'll try to reconstruct here. Of course, dreams being what they are, I'm sure it will amply resist linear depiction.

A soldier is demonstrating his lifesaving skills to a crowd, myself among them. He enters an empty house to show "saving person from second story of burning building". The building isn't really burning, there's just black smoke in it to replicate a house fire. He's a big blond jarhead type; very can-do American. He speaks with a clear booming voice, explaining everything he's doing. Something goes wrong and there's an explosion. It's small but enough to knock him off the short ladder he's on and set him ablaze. He continues to narrate his incineration in the same voice as before. He rolls back and forth on the grass to put out the flames, all the while describing everything. His eyes are staring far away. He sings patriotic songs as his now-hairless body bloats, obscuring his features. His skin is now waxy and pale. Someone brings a fire extinguisher and sprays him to make sure the fire is completely out. The chemical blasting his skin causes him excrutiating pain, worse than the fire, which he relates to us in great detail in that same booming voice. His skin looks like melting paraffin. All the while the crowd stares at him.

I told this dream in a very abbreviated form to a group of friends. They thought something was wrong with me. Maybe it is.