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Monday, April 28, 2003

I was just flipping through my steno book to check which pages had notes which are no longer necessary and could be ripped out. I came across a note about Virginia Woolf's Orlando being staged at the Actors Gang Theatre in Hollywood. It got great reviews. I liked the movie. I wanted to see it. Check out the closing date. Uh-huh. I am a fucking idiot. I will now wear the Asshat. (Who did I get that word from?)

Everyone at work today has been commenting on how much they like my glasses and how good I look in them. One woman said I looked like I was in Weezer (also because of my low-top Converse). I said I thought it was more Lisa Loeb. She said I should get a guitar and I could be a folk singer. (Speaking of which I sooo need to see this movie.) She said I was being nerdy and I said it's "dork cool". Hmm, the exchange looks contentious in print, but it was really jovial.

Speaking of folk, go here and buy something. It is muy awesomoso.

Speaking of glasses, my husband bought some new frames this weekend. He takes a long time because he wants to get the same thing he already has, but feels bad about not changing. We'd been there like an hour and finally found a pair that I liked. He liked them too, except they had a *gasp* visible logo on the, um, what's the name for the part that goes on the side of your head to your ear? Anyway, on that part, it said in small block letters "Dolce and Gabbana". Big deal, right? Yeah, it sure was. Sheesh! Let's look at the facts. 1) They were only $99. That's a total steal. 2) They looked good on his face. A simple, classic shape in thin black metal. 3) No one is going to see that! Who's getting that close to your ear that they could see this tiny logo? *sigh* He is such a label-phobe. God, it was so frustrating. I told him if he didn't buy the frames I would have a baby and cover it in logos. I wouldn't really, of course, and he knows that (my baby will be plastered in slogans), but Jesus Christ! Just buy the fucking glasses! The proprietor was awfully good about it. He tried obliterating the logo with acetone, but it was apparently etched in there. So he got out a Sharpie and colored it in so it was barely visible, even at close range. He really had no choice but to buy them, because I was not going to let it go.