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Monday, April 14, 2003

Happy Suck-Day!  
Oh my God, what a crappy day. As soon as I got out of bed this morning, I knew I should've crawled right back in. My zipper pull got stuck so I had to have my husband zip up my pants for me. I put on purple eyeliner when I meant to use brown and had to wipe it off and redo it. I used up so much time with mistakes that I didn't have time for breakfast. I scratched my hand with my keys trying to get into my car. I keep typing words with the right letters in the wrong order. I sent a fax on Friday and then got a call this morning saying their fax messed it up and I had to re-send it. I had to set up a conference call at the last minute on Friday and notify 6 people about it. I was only able to notify 4 people; I got the last two this morning when I came in at 9 (the call was at 10). Between 9:15 and 10:15 I got the following calls:

-I lost the email you sent with the conference call info, what was it?
-Person X & Z won't be able to attend the conference call.
-I can't find where I put the conference call info, what was it?
-Person Y didn't get the info for the conference call.
-I wrote down the wrong info for the conference call, what was it?

Waaaaaaaaaaaah! The whole day has been like that! The good things were: my husband brought me a bagel for breakfast, I ordered tasty chinese delivery for lunch, a co-worker brought yummy pastries her mom made. Is it bad when the only good thing about your day is the food?