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Monday, March 10, 2003

When I Said Monogamy is Perversion  
The word perverse and its derivatives (perversion, perversity, pervert, etc.) are often used in a pejorative manner but that is not the connotation I am applying here. I am using a more basic, stripped-down definition: contrary to inherent nature. There are some creatures whose inherent nature is monogamous; penguins, for example, mate for life. Other creatures have various forms of polygamous behaviour, as in elephant seal's harems, which are male-dominated. There are also a few creatures in which the female exhibits polygamous behaviour, mating with multiple males during the breeding season.

The human creature's inherent nature is polygamous. Monogamy is a social construct contrary to our inherent nature, which is why we as a society have such difficulty achieving it. Since it's contrary to our inherent nature, it is therefore a perversion of that nature.

Note: I'm using the terms monogamy and polygamy to mean, respectively, having a single mate at one time and having more than one mate at one time, without any marital implications.