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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Reading the stories about the student protest reminded me of the protest at my high school 12? years ago during Gulf War I. They're even recycling one of the slogans - "no blood for oil". Our protest then was to wear all black, including a black bandanna. Now this was when wearing bandannas at school was considered "gang activity", and gangs were just getting a foothold in our area. The year before I started high school they stopped using lockers because of the potential for storing weapons. So, the day of the protest I wore all black, including a black bandanna on my wrist. As I left the house my parents didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Probably because I dressed strangely a lot of the time. My dad dropped me off at seminary (such another story!) where I talked with a few classmates about the protest (they didn't all go to my school). An hour later my dad picked me up and brought me home and I went to school. Most (perhaps all) of the other kids participating in the protest were suspended pretty quickly. Somehow I escaped unnoticed. I think a few things contributed to my invisibility: 1) I wore black a lot anyway so who could tell the difference? 2) I wore a long sleeve shirt which probably obscured the bandanna. 3) I was a small, quiet kid. So I managed to have my quiet, little protest without being accosted by anyone all day. At least until I got home. Someone tipped off my mom. So she grilled me and I insisted I had nothing to do with the protest. Did I mention how I'm an excellent liar? It's out of necessity. She eventually accepted my lie and left me alone. There was a second, noisier demonstration after school on the sidewalk but I skipped that one. There's no way I was gonna come home late and try to explain myself. This was when I was still afraid of my mom, and with good reason. The opposition to this war seems so much bigger than that to the last one, but unfortunately this Bush seems a lot more recalcitrant than the last.