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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Letter to Everyone  
It is important that you go to college. Not just for yourself, but for your children. A parent's education will trickle down to their children. And not just for your children, but for everyone. Every person who betters themselves, betters humanity. Why college, when I can educate myself through my own reading and life experience? No. That will only go so far. How far can one grow without challenge? It is simply not possible to challenge yourself enough. Someone else will have seen what you do not, and will point these things out to you. That is what college is for. Don't go for your career, don't go because everyone else is, don't go because your family expects it. That would be a waste. Go because you thirst for knowledge, because your soul hungers for growth, because you wish to escape the stagnant pool of stasis.

I have always worked to better myself, within school and without. I never rest, I never let myself take the easy path for there lies ruin. I attend college, I take courses I know will be difficult for me, for without challenge there is no growth. No one finishes a marathon without pushing themselves beyond their limits. I know I must improve myself or doom myself to a perpetuation of my legacy. I am disadvantaged. I have a legacy of persecution from without and abuse from within, a legacy from my parents, my grandparents, and beyond. Only growth will break these chains. Only challenge will provide this growth. Only education will provide this challenge. For me, for my children, for humanity.