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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I'm still floating on a fluffy cloud from watching Joe Millionaire last night. I'm shocked at how excited I was to see it. First they did a retrospective of the girls who didn't make it. I'm glad I didn't watch the earlier episodes since none of those girls seemed very interesting or beautiful at all. They also did in depth stories on Zora and Sarah, the two who made it to the end. Sarah is a nice, fun, attractive girl. But I live in L.A. and, honestly, it's full of girls just like her. Skinny, blond, and busty is common in L.A. and practically de riguer for the westside. The story on Zora was almost unbelievable. She's a substitute teacher, works with the elderly, loves animals, lives in a small town. They showed pictures from her impoverished childhood. They showed her current apartment, where she can't afford heat so she leaves the oven open in winter. They interviewed a small child who said Zora's the greatest, she helped my grandma. They showed her in soft-focus holding a fluffy cat. Her whole town was rooting for her; the mayor was looking forward to declaring Zora day if she won. I half expected them to say she was being canonized. For Christ's sake, I am the devil incarnate compared to her! Helps the elderly, kind to animals, children love her, she's Saint Zora. I was so very pleasantly surprised that Evan chose her. And she showed up in the ballroom and wanted to continue seeing him, and screw the money. And then the butler with the check. *gurgle* I was choking on my own bliss. Like when, in the movies, someone takes a cyanide capsule and dies writhing and foaming at the mouth. Except bliss instead of cyanide.