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Friday, January 17, 2003

Sorry for the Delay  
So, I've been in bed all week with a cold. Back to work today, though I'm not completely well yet. I just can't stand staying home sick, it drives me batty. I very much dislike my class. Well not the class itself, but the teacher. The class is Health Education (a general requirement for graduation, ech!) and the teacher is a coach. I believe it is theoretically possible to be a coach and a good teacher, but I've never seen it happen. He wants us to hand write all our assignments. HAND WRITE! IN COLLEGE! I am so affronted by this suggestion, I don't think I can get past it. He insists he will throw away anything that doesn't follow his draconian rules precisely. I am way frustrated!
On the upside I added an Astronomy class to fulfill the science requirement of IGETC which will allow me to transfer to any CSU or UC campus with advanced standing and without the need for any additional general ed classes. I've got my eye on UCLA. I was kinda looking at Whittier College recently, but they cost like twice as much and, as I said before, I am not made of money people! My sister (the angel one) got a full scholarship to UCSB because she did well in high school and is Native American. I could maybe get something like that, too, but things standing in my way might be:
1. Lack of financial need - my salary isn't a whole lot, but it isn't exactly dire straights either
2. Lack of full time status - I can only go part time, since I work full time
3. Um, I guess I don't really have any other reasons
Of course, if I quit my job that would solve both reasons, but would suck tremendously. Then I would have money for college, but not for other things like rent and food.

In my last post I mentioned a march. That was the anti-war demonstration in downtown L.A. on January 11th. There were many thousands of people. It looked to me like at least 10,000. Official estimates varied widely, from 5,000 to 15,000, depending on who you're asking. It was great! I've done picketing before, but never a demonstration like this. My husband went with me; it was his first time too. The march was over a mile long, so after walking from car to march, then march, then back to the car, we must've walked three miles. My feet were really hurting! Next time, I'll wear better shoes. Converse have no arch support. Here's a story from L.A. Weekly. The article from the L.A. Times is no longer free, since it's in the archive now. I've purchased it, so if anyone wants a copy just leave a note in the comments and I'll send it along via email. I don't think either of the articles mentioned the Aztec dancers, which were incredible!