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Monday, December 30, 2002

Random Thoughts I Had While Driving to Oxnard  
1. Opposites are two halves of the same thing. They cannot exist without each other, exemplified by the yin-yang symbol, a pair of opposites locked in an eternal intertwining dance. There is no shadow without light. Pain is another form of pleasure, just as pleasure can hurt.

2. Growth is necessarily painful. If you don't experience pain on a regular basis, then you're already dead inside.

3. Monogamy is a perversion.

4. Any statement in the format "All [classification of people] are [quality]" is inherently wrong.

5. Nothing outside of yourself can ever give you what you need. If you look for love outside yourself you've already failed. You cannot receive love, you can only give it.

6. The only success to be found is in being true to your nature. The material is immaterial.

7. Never do anything based on what other people think. Fuck other people!

These thoughts are not static; they are up for constant review and revision.