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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Guess what I found while doing a search on Yahoo for "sashafoo". There's someone else on this planet with a cat named Sashafoo! It's MoonAngel, at the top of the page. Well, her kitty might be cute, but is it crabby, huh?!? Does it wake her up at 3 a.m. every morning by walking across her face, then jumping off the bed, jumping back up on the other side, and repeating indefinitely?!? If she closes her bedroom door to keep her cat out, and so get a good night's sleep for once, does it meow so loudly she worries about pissing off the downstairs neighbor and lets it in?!? I didn't think so! I wonder if her cat was named the same way ours was.
Once upon a time, my husband was younger. A friend's cat had kittens. He got one. It was white, long-haired, and completely insane. At this time there was a reporter named Sasha Foo. My husband and his sisters thought that was a funny name. So they named the new kitten after her. The End.
Half of the 10 links I got from that search were actually to me.