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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Growing Up Mormon  
I am the oldest of six children - 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Three girls first, then three boys. Every Christmas our family had a show after dinner. Usually my dad would play guitar and sing. When I was a little older I would play flute. But before that, me and my sisters would act out the birth of Jesus. And every year we did this, the roles were always the same - I played Joseph, middle sister was Mary with a doll for the baby, and little sister was the Angel. I have an old picture of us like this. It's funny, but we've kept those same roles throughout our lives. Little sister has always done things "right" - doing well in school, behaving nicely, telling on us, obeying curfew. Middle sister has always been maternal - caring for our brothers while my Mom was working & going back to college, having my parents' only grandchildren. And I've always been the more "masculine" one - doing well in math & science, fighting with my parents, staying out late, just generally being very strong-willed and breaking lots of rules. I was always the one insisting I would never get married or have kids. That has sort of remained true. I am married now, two year anniversary was last month, but while our marriage seems "normal" by outward appearances, when you look beneath the surface you find that it is actually quite non-traditional. It's hard to explain how. It's in the mindset that we bring to the marriage, I suppose.