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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Stupid November!  
The wind is howling (literally howling!) and has been for over 24 hours now. Stop! You're driving me crazy November wind! I cannot live in a wind tunnel. It is not fit for man nor beast out there. Of course, this is not stopping me from going out. Look, when the whiskey calls, I gotta answer. If not me, who? Who?!? Anyway, so I'm going out to see a friend's jazz band play at Jax in Glendale, where they make the best Manhattan. Seriously, they do - not too sweet, not too bracing, mmm just right. And lemme tell you, I need a drink right now; both to recuperate from the past and prepare for the future. My husand's car broke, permanently this time, so he bought another on Saturday. I had to work all day Saturday, the upshot of which is I make doubletime for it. Sunday we went to the Doo-Dah Parade, then went shopping for all the holiday fixin's, then I had to start making a pot roast in my handy crock pot. The roast is for the Thanksgiving Potluck we had at work today. Last week the flyer went around asking everyone to sign up for a dish and I volunteered to bring a pot roast. Never mind that I have never made a pot roast in my life. *sigh* What in the hell is the matter with me anyway? Plus I couldn't find a recipe that matched what I had in mind. So I winged it. It turned out awesome! I got so many compliments on it. It got ate all up; no leftovers for hubby. Yay for me! Then Monday I had school (Abnormal Psychology) where we studied somatoform and dissociative disorders, truly fascinating shit! So today I am very, very tired and very, very in need of a good time. Tomorrow it's back to cooking again. Thursday I'm having dinner at my parents' house. Friday I'm having dinner at my place for my husband's family, so I need to start cooking tonight or tomorrow night. I was planning to make pheasant but on Sunday I found out how much it costs - $10.99 per lb. Yikes! That's like $100 just for the birds. I am not made of money, people! So we're having turkey, which got rave reviews last year when I made it for the first time. Also on the menu: squash soup, wild rice, 5 vegetable slaw, balsamic roasted carrots, and pear cake for dessert. I have never made any of these before. I'm goin' in, wish me luck!