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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

The Nature of God  
I think the concept of God was created as a fantasy. Consider what many people perceive God as: an anthropomorphic male entity who is all-powerful, feared, loved and not bound by rules. That's the ultimate male fantasy. Remember, men wrote the holy texts upon which this belief is based. This same fantasy drives some men to become CEOs, presidents, etc.
This is not to say I'm atheist. If you conceive of God as simply an entity more powerful or advanced than humans, then you'd have to believe it exists. It would be terribly arrogant (and sad) to believe that we're the top rung of the ladder. If we were to distill most people's belief in God, across cultures and religions, I think that description would apply. However, I don't like to use the word God to describe what I believe (although I often do simply to make the conversation easier) because there's such a strong connotation to that word. People will assume I mean the same God they believe in, which isn't true.When I use the words God, Fate, Karma, Nature I'm talking about the same thing. I use those words pretty much interchangeably depending on whom I'm talking to.
So, out with it already. I believe that there is an entity or force underlying existence. I see its proof in the fact that there are rules (Natural Laws, if you wish) governing the operation of everything, which is the basis for mathematics. There are certain ways things work and this is because of this entity. Perhaps a better metaphor would be a score and a conductor. The conductor is bound by the score, but coordinates its expression.
I hope I'm making some sense. I know my beliefs tend to gravitate towards the eclectic, some would say strange.
What do you think or believe?